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Mistakes to avoid when setting up hot tents while camping

Mistakes to avoid when setting up hot tents while camping

A hot tent, in case, if you don’t know, means having a heat source inside the camp to beat the cold weather in the best possible way.

Well, a hot tent is an excellent way of spending the long, dark, and cold nights of winters comfortably. It is because when it is about to live outdoor particularly on deep cold nights, nothing can beat the importance of the best hot tents.

In short, it can be a great, well-protected, and securer way to camp in winters. However, like anything else, it has to be done right to enjoy all of its benefits.

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Common mistakes to avoid when setting up a hot tent during a camping

Do you want to know what are some of the common mistakes that you must avoid while setting up a hot tent? Let’s have a look at the information given below in this regard to letting you have a better idea about the things.

So, here we go:

Choose the right size of the best hot tents for winter camping

One of the most common problems that occur is basically not about setting up a hot tent. Instead, it is about buying an inappropriate hot tent that can ruin your camping adventure completely. Commonly, people make the mistake of choosing the size of a hot tent that’s not suitable for their camping needs.

The key to choosing the right size of a hot camp is, go with the option that’s two numbers higher than your current hot tent capacity requirements. This will keep your tent from feeling crowded and even can let you have extra space to accommodate one more person whenever needed.

Overall, buying the right size of hot tent is highly important to stay comfortable throughout your camping experience.  hot tents

Select the right spot to set up the best hot tents

Commonly, people don’t look much before choosing their spot to set up a hot tent. Well, this is one of the most common mistakes that most campers made and it can lead to trouble as well. People always tend to check the ground only but forget to check the direction of the wind, rotten tree branches that can fall and destroy your tent, and other similar things.

So, before setting up your hot tent, choose a cleaner, wider, and securer space as possible.

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Always remember that direction of sunlight is important

While setting up the best hot tents for winter camping, paying attention to the direction of sun and sunlight is highly important especially in winters. It is because setting up your tent accordingly will let you have more benefit from the natural heat and light.

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Secure the pipe sections properly to avoid fires to happen

Well, this is another important consideration here. It is because fires can happen in a hot camp especially when your wood stove isn’t managed properly, or the pipe sections aren’t secured appropriately. You can easily utilize an LED flashlight to light up your tent.

  • However, the priority should always be to secure your pipe sections effectively. It is because no one wants these pipes to separate especially when the stove is at its full burn.
  • Also, it is highly important to set up your hot tent out of the windy area. It is because no one wants their stovepipes and tent walls to keep moving uncontrollably.
  • Additionally, you must have leather gloves ready in your camp to handle the situation if your stove pip gets separated or to handle your stove more effectively.

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Consider the items stored near the stove

Commonly, when it comes to a wood stove inside the tent, then the hazard can be caused by human error as well. It is because commonly, it’s pretty close quarters inside the hot tent. Due to which it’s very easy to stumble onto the stove and fire to catch the items placed closer to your stove. Even though you won’t be badly burnt by stumbling onto a fire. However, if you hit the stove or separate the pipe section, then it can be a problematic situation to handle.

Therefore, it is highly important to consider the items you have placed near your stove. While setting up your hot tent, avoid keeping burnable items near your stove area to ensure protection.

Even more, you must communicate with your mates when you are going to move around. Also, it would be better to make a balance by putting your hand on someone’s shoulder. These are some of the best ways you can consider staying protected inside the tent.

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Ventilation inside is highly important

Your hot tent has to be well vented to avoid the accumulation of carbon monoxide. It is because ventilation can keep the tent from gathering the carbon monoxide inside and will provide you enhanced safety in the best possible way.

What to do overnight?

Commonly people want to know what they should do overnight. Well, one option you can consider to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide and fire is to allow your stove to go out when tent mates are sleeping. For this, you must have complete winter sleeping gears in place.

While the other option is to manage a fire watch. In this, one of the tent mates has to stay awake at any given time to feed the stove and keep an eye on it for ensured safety. You can do this turn by turn because surely no one wants to stay awake the whole night.

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Best hot tents for winter camping we recommend

Do you want to invest in some best hot tents that can let you enjoy the best camping experience even in the cold weather? Then, you are at the right place. It is because here we will let you know about some of the best hot tents that you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

Mercury  teepee tent for 6 to 8 persons

This is one of the most amazing Mercury hot tents that has a full height of 260 cm at its center. It can accommodate 6 people while providing them enough space to move around. Most importantly, this hot camp is also packed with some amazing features.

Its key features include:

  • It can keep you dry in any weather. It has well-stitched polyester that can offer enhanced protection even from storms and rain.
  • This is an ultra-durable hot tent.
  • It is highly reliable due to its sturdy stitching.
  • Even more, the 300d oxford cloth used in its stitching makes it tear-resistant and anti-wear.

Overall, it is easier to store and clean a hot tent that has a longer service life. So, you can stay warmer and securer throughout your camping experience in the best possible way.

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Mercury teepee tent for 2 persons

Here we have one of the best hot tents 2021 with a full height of 180 cm at its center. This tent is enough to accommodate 2 people. Even more, it also provides much space to move.

However, here are the key features of the Mercury hot teepee tent you must know:

  • Mercury hot tent is a lightweight tent that can keep you dry whatever kind of weather it is outside.
  • This hot tent is durable, tear-resistant, and is enough reliable.
  • It also has a popped-up front door that can let you get in and out of the hot tent with ease. ultimately, you can enjoy this outdoor home more amazingly.

You can simply enjoy an amazing and worry-free camping experience while using Mercury hot tent teepee tent for 2 persons.

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Mercury teepee tent 4 person

This is a lightweight and anti-wear teepee hot tent that comes up in 240 cm height at its center. You can use this tent for a camping adventure of 4 persons’ group. It is because the tent has a capacity of 4 persons.

While key features of Mercury teepee tent 4 persons are given below:

  • This tent can let you enjoy an amazing camping experience with complete protection and even without compromising proper air circulation.
  • It has a removable top cap that can let you remove it to exchange fresh air. It will help in enhancing the circulatory pulse.
  • It also has a fireproof stove jack, which allows you to utilize a wood stove inside the camp to stay warm.

Overall, you can easily enjoy a securer, comfortable, and reliable camping experience with this one of the best hot tents 2021 even in cold weather.

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Final Thoughts

When it’s about hot tenting, then most of the people think that having a fire in the center of your tent is a big no. However, a hot tent possesses fewer risks relatively, when you do it right. Even more, it can be an amazing way to enjoy the best and most comfortable camping experience whatever the weather is.

While the key is to ensure that you have set up your hot tent correctly. For this, general mistakes to avoid when setting up a hot tent is a must. So, ensure to keep all these in mind whenever you have to set up a hot tent properly.

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