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Other Disclaimers & Policies

General disclaimer

This disclaimer applies to the entire contents of this Website under the domain name www.wisetents.com (“Website”) and to any correspondence by e-mail between you and our company team. Please read this disclaimer carefully before using this Website as your use of this Website indicates that you accept this disclaimer whether or not you register with the Company.

The Company may alter products, services, notices, policies, terms, promotions and prices described in the Website at any time without notice. The Company does not warrant the accuracy of the material on this Website nor is the Company is obliged to keep all material on this Website up-to-date.

The Company does not warrant that the functionality of this Website will be free of any defect and/or virus. If your use of material on this Website, results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of computer hardware, software, programs or data, you assume all costs thereof. Furthermore the Company shall not be liable if your use of this Website results in the need for repair or maintenance of computer hardware, software, programs or data.

Safety Disclaimer

Although we design and produce high-quality tent products, we can not guarantee that our products are safe for anyone to use under any circumstances. In other words, we can’t provide any security guarantees to the people who use our products. That is,

We don’t guarantee that our products are absolutely safe.
We do not guarantee that our products will not leak smoke or dump.
We don’t guarantee that our products are absolutely fireproof.
We do not guarantee that our tent chimney cloth is absolutely high temperature resistant ( Need correct use method. There is a high temperature limit. ).

To use our products safely, we give the following warm tips.
In any case, we recommend that when you use tents:
Keep the inside of the tent well ventilated, even in winter.
Use carbon monoxide alarm, always pay attention to the safety issues inside the tent.
Set up the tent on the flat ground to make sure the tent is stable and firm. Build the stove on the flat ground to ensure the stove is stable and not easy to dump.

We believe that human life is greater than everything else. We hope all our customers can go camping happily, enjoy nature and go home healthy and safe. It should be noted that special situations are always more complicated than expected, so we can not provide absolute guarantee. However, if there are any problems with our products, we will actively deal with these problems and give customers a satisfactory reply. Please take care of yourself when camping. Thank you very much for your support!

Warranty Policy

We don’t have any warranty policy at the moment.
Please check our products for defects when you receive the package. If there are defects, we will help you as soon as possible.
When using our products, if you made some damages due to the improper use of the product, we do NOT assume the responsibility of refund and send replacement. The damages caused by INCORRECT use is as follows:

1. Use our products in extreme weather, such as windy weather, rainstorm weather, etc.

2. Building our products incorrectly, such as setting up tents or using stoves on sloping ground, etc.

3. Product damage caused by customer’s own fault or even mistake, such as rolling up the stovepipe in a wrong way, use non-standard products to match our products, etc.

4. Damage caused by incorrect product installation, such as install the stovepipe inside the damper, not separat the tent stove jack cover from the stovepipe.

5. They were damaged artificially. For example disassembly, repair, etc.

6. ETC.


In the event of any concerns or complaints about possible violation of intellectual property rights, please send us an email at lp@wisetents.com, identifying with specificity the rights alleged to be violated and the accused product(s). (This email address is just for intellectual property rights and legal issues. Other requests may not get respondence.)