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Wise Tents® Double Frame Rods Outdoor Sunshade Awning | Camping Tent With Canopy



Camp Will Be For You What You Want It To Be.

Our Multifunctional Camping Tent With Canopy is a great option for family camping. It is perfect for family backpacking trips or family camping adventures. The size of the tent is big enough for 4 people as a family; gives you ample and comfortable time outdoors. It is not just a tent, it can also be used as an awning, small canopy, rain cloth, you can set up a temporary awning or rain shelter anytime, anywhere when you travel with your friends. At the same time, this tent can also resist ultraviolet rays, so you can avoid the annoyance of sunburn while traveling.

Double Structure Frame Rods: This awning tent adopts a double pole structure design, which greatly enhances the tent structure's stability and firmness to ensure the simple installation of the tent. At the same time, the design of the double-rod structure looks cool in terms of product appearance!

Good Breathability: Front and rear double doors design, relative to door and window design, good circulation, breathable using breathable gauze material

Spacious Space: There is a large space inside the awning, which is larger than the general tent space, and the activities are barrier-free

Outdoor Shade Cloth: At the entrance of the tent, you can use 2 support poles to expand the shaded area of the tent, which allows you and your family and friends to have a larger activity area

Shading Cloth: The shading cloth at the door of the awning can be easily removed, and the shading area is larger

High-Quality Tent Fabric: We use 300D coated thick heat-insulating Oxford cloth, which can block ultraviolet rays and provide sun protection


Product Name Double Frame Rods Outdoor Sunshade Awning | Multifunctional Living Room Camping Tent With Canopy
Brand Wise Tents®
Tent Size Length: 236.2in / 600cm

Width: 177.2in / 450cm

Height: 98.4in / 250cm

Packing size 28.3×9.8×9.8in / 72×25×25cm
Tent Fabric 300D Oxford fabric, W/R 5000mm anti-ultraviolet
Color Brown | White | Brown+White
Accessories 2×Tent structure poles (12.5mm fiber structure pole)

4×support rods (diameter 16mm, iron rod)

14 × ground nails

8×wind ropes


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Our way of playing. We bought several Sunshade Awnings, then connected them together and had dinner with friends in it. Lol...the quality of the awning is pretty good. The fabric is much thicker than the one I bought before, the style is unique, and it is very convenient to build. I highly recommend buying!


The shape of this awning is really cool! Very creative and looks like a bat.


Very suitable for family camping gatherings. Look at the photos we took at night! Excellent. I like this strong awning.


Yes, I simply like the shape of this awning! But, of course, its powerful practical value for camping should not be ignored.