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Wise Tents® Camping Mesh Tent With Sunshade Canopy- 4-6 Persons



Get Close To The Outdoors And Enjoy Nature

The Camping Mesh Tent With Sunshade Canopy is easy to set up and pleasant to use, providing good protection from bugs, sun, and gentle rain showers. A high ceiling makes the tent feel brighter and airier than other camping shelters with a similar footprint.

Excellent Air Permeability: double door design, relative door, and window design, excellent circulation, and ventilation using air-permeable gauze material

Spacious Space: It can accommodate 6-8 people, with a wide view and barrier-free activities. The large space of 9 square meters can accommodate 6-8 people at the same time. You can use this tent when you travel with your family or friends.

Outdoor Foyer: At the entrance of the tent, you can use the hall pole to support the curtain to form a mini courtyard for sunshade and rain, sunshade and windproof

Shade Cloth: The shade cloth can be easily disassembled, and the shading area is larger. The shade cloth used outside the tent is detachable and can be supported by poles to make the sunshade area larger.

Silver-Coated Fabric: We use 210D anti-ultraviolet oxford fabric, which can block ultraviolet rays well and provide sun protection


Product Name Mesh Tent With Sunshade Canopy
Brand Wise Tents
Expanded Size 120.1×120.1×82.7in / 305×305×210cm
Tent Fabric 210D Anti-ultraviolet oxford fabric
Product Weight About 6kg
Frame Material Automatic steel pipe bracket
Stored Size 44.5×5.9×5.9in / 113×15×15cm
Capacity 4-6 people
Color Green / Blue

Product Details:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The quality of the tent is great, and the bracket is strong and durable. After the installation, I seem to have a small house, lol


A lovely mesh tent, simple installation, sizeable internal space, double-door ventilation effect is also perfect, and the surrounding cloth can also block the sun. It is suitable for spring, summer, and autumn. I am very satisfied.


I was pleasantly surprised by this mesh tent. The quality and workmanship are outstanding, and the ventilation effect is excellent. I also bought a shade cloth, which can block the sun well. I think this price is also very appropriate.


This tent seems to be more suitable for spring and summer... But, of course, autumn is also good. Do not use this tent in winter. You will be crying coldly.